What would you do if you represented Canada’s only NBA basketball team and the city that has the best fan base in the entire league? Well come out with your own shoe and name it after said city of course!

That is exactly what Toronto Raptors Guard Greivis Vasquez has done. His Under Armour ClutchFit Drive cleverly named The North Six, is a low-cut shoe with a skin-tight feel. Trust me when I say, you want to cop a pair of these. They are almost as dope as he is.

Beauty & Basketball sat down with Greivis and picked his brain about his new sneaker release and how he likes his new adopted home in The Six.


Beauty & Basketball: What was the driving force and inspiration behind your new shoe?

Greivis Vasquez: “The shoe represents the City of Toronto and how great of a city it is & how much I love the city. It also represents my team the Toronto Raptors. The colourways, my team colours, my logo on the tongue. It came out pretty good. I love to look good on the court.”


B&B: In naming your shoe The North Six, it has a big Toronto influence, how has Toronto Influenced your life, style and game?

GV: “Ever since I came to Toronto it was like a fresh start for me, it made a huge impact in my life and career, I really love the city. Through the good & the bad this is where I want to be. I identify myself with the city. The diversity is really what makes the city even more attractive. Plus we are winning. I think our team is headed in the right the direction and that’s important too.”

B&B: In your press release for The North Six you said “I wanted a shoe that reflects my commitment to my team” how has your team supported & influenced you?

GV: “My team has always been supporting me whether I’m doing a shoe release or any other thing I’m doing in the community. I am thankful and blessed. I am happy and I think we have the best fans in the NBA and I want our fans to have a contact or something that comes from us, especially myself. For them to have access to my shoes, just means the world to me because I know how our fans are and support us no matter what.”

B&B: How do you like Toronto as your adopted home?

GV: “I like Toronto a lot. I want to be here for a long time. I’m an ambassador for the PanAm games so I want to show the world how great Toronto is. Eventually I want to have my own GV clothing line and what a great beginning for it here in Toronto.”


B&B: What is your favourite feature of your shoe?

GV: “I like the low cut, it gives me more flexibility and more mobility for my ankles. I love my logo on the tongue. Right now we have this colourway (White and Red) but eventually we are going to come out with the purple colourway which is dope. Just a good looking shoe. This is beyond my expectations.”



B&B: Who or what is your biggest influence on the court, off the court and in fashion?

GV: “Well, I have a stylist and her name is Valerie Frangie and fashion is important to me. She has been my mentor and done a great job. But overall? My dad. My dad is with me right now. He has been my idol, my hero, my best friend, my mentor and he influenced me. He makes such a huge impact on my career and my life that I want him to enjoy every success that I have. ”

Beauty and Basketball may or may not have teared up at that very moment. Such a heartfelt and real guy. Papa Vasquez was indeed there supporting his son looking fly in his OVOxCanadaGoose Winter Coat. Fashionable family, I must say!


Papi Vasquez


B&B: What is something that most people don’t know about GV?

GV: “I’m pretty out there and I’m a really social person, I like to be in touch with my fans. But I am really family oriented. I love my family. I have a 2 year old son that I love with all of my heart he’s everything to me.”


B&B: What does it mean to play for Canada’s only team?

GV: “It means a lot. The whole country is behind us. It feels kind of like what was going on when I was back home, to have 2 countries supporting me thats much love, that’s unique thats special right there. I’m a loyal guy I would never betray or go somewhere else, but if I did, Toronto will always have a special place in my heart.”

Toronto Raptors vs Indiana Pacers

B&B: How much different is it playing basketball in Venezuela, USA and Canada?

GV: “It’s just two different levels. The NBA is obviously the highest level, but when you play FIBA and represent your country it’s like you’re going to war. It’s just different.The fundamentals are just different. The NBA is more athletic and FIBA is more skill.”

B&B: How do you remain focused?

GV: “I know my priorities. I know what I want and have a vision. When you know that, you can get a lot of things done. I’m truly focused on my career, my image and my brand right now.”


If you live downtown Toronto or in Baltimore, Maryland you are in luck. There are 3 places that will be releasing Grevis Vasquez’s player exclusive edition of the ClutchFit Drive called The North Six tomorrow March 28th. The Foot Locker at Yonge & Dundas Downtown Toronto (1-3pm autograph signing!!), The Under Armour Harbor East Brand House in Baltimore, Maryland and on ua.ca . Go get you a pair or four!


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