Friday morning the Pinky Lewis tournament organizers scheduled an opening round slobber knocker. Corpus Christie (Burlington) versus REDA (Mississauga).

2018 6'8" Simisola Shittu

2018 6’8″ Simisola Shittu

For the first time two future Canadian teammates and two of the most highly touted prospects currently in Canada went head to head, 2018 6’8″ Simisola Shittu versus 2019 6’6 RJ Barrett.

Corpus Christie jumped out to a 42-29 half time lead. Shittu dominated the first half with 18 points compared to Barrett’s 6. In the second half Barrett came on strong for REDA  with 14 points in the fourth quarter and even tied the game up at 60 with 1:47 remaining.

In the end Corpus Christie came away on top with the 73-65 victory. 2018 Simisola Shittu finished with 33 points meanwhile 2019 RJ Barrett finished with 26 points in defeat.

“Last year [Corpus Christie] we didn’t have a reputation but this year I think we can do some damage,” Shittu told Hoops Hype Canada.

2019 6'6" RJ Barrett

2019 6’6″ RJ Barrett

Regarding the dual with Barrett, Shittu mentioned he was relishing the moment, “I love that, I started focusing from two days before. I knew it was going to be a big game. Me and RJ are like brother’s. We go at each other and it will make us better.” Shittu said.

The Burlington, ON native Shittu also reiterated he looks forward to competing with and not against Barrett on the international scene representing Canada in the near future, “Were on the rise in basketball even though Canada hasn’t made the Olympics yet. I think with our Cadet team next year we can go out and beat USA.”

Music to the ears of Canadian basketball fans. Now check out a glimpse of Canada’s future …