What happens when you bring the country’s top 68 Division 1 men’s basketball teams to face-off in a single elimination tournament? Madness. Pure amazing basketball madness that we follow closer than that cute guy or girl on Instagram.

The excitement of trying to guess the outcome of each round has many people looking forward to this month each and every year. Bracketology has many perks including money, prizes or just for pure pride. Whatever your motive is, trying to decide which team is going to be upset or which team won’t make it past the first round, are almost more difficult than picking what you want to have for dinner.

Every single year, an underdog team eliminates a higher ranked team in this tournament and stands by its name as Madness.


With the 1st day of the tournament coming to a close, I can easily say that many of you (including myself) are already behind in standings. Yes I had Iowa State in the Final Four (*bows head in shame and frustration*) Below is a recap of the two biggest upsets of the day:

1) Iowa State (3) vs UAB (14)

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Blazers defeated the No. 3 seed in the South, Iowa State Cyclones by 1 point. Naz Long a 6ft Guard from Mississauga had the opportunity to tie the game with a 3-point shot in the last 3 seconds of the game but came up short. While his teammate Monte Morris was there for the offensive board and put-back layup, it was not enough for the Cyclones. UAB was victorious 60-59.


2) Baylor (3) vs Georgia State (14)

The No. 3 seed in the West, Baylor Bears, made too many mistakes today against No. 14 seeded Georgia State Panthers. The panthers made up a 12-point deficit to beat the Bears by 1 point 57-56


Don’t worry y’all, President Obama picked both Baylor and Iowa State to Advance past the first round in his bracket here. See even the President makes mistakes!


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