Raptors head coach Dwane Casey says he will fight other coaches if they don’t vote Kyle Lowry in as an All-Star.


Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry is one of the NBA’s best current players to never make an All-Star team.

This likely will change soon, as the bulldog-like 6-footer has been the top player on one of the Eastern Conference’s better squads, leading them to an 11-7 record in the extended absence of backcourt mate DeMar DeRozan (who was a 2013-14 All-Star) and 24-10 overall.

Still, Lowry is fourth among guards in the latest fan vote returns. If this holds, the coaches would have to select him. And if they don’t, well, Raptors head man Dwane Casey won’t be happy.

Said Casey, per The Sports Network:

“I hope our fans get out and vote and don’t put it in the hands of the coaches. And if the coaches don’t do it I’m probably going to get into a physical fight with those guys.”

All-Star starters are revealed on Jan. 22, reserves on Jan. 29. So Tom Thibodeau, Mike Budenholzer & Co. better vote for Lowry — or set aside Jan. 30 for a rumble.