Leading up to the NBA Draft, Sim Bhullar was hopeful to hear his name selected on the draft stage. That never happened, even after impressing in workouts leading up to draft night. Instead, the now undrafted rookie, received an offer from the Sacramento Kings to join them in Summer League action, and Bhullar accepted. Receiving next to zero action on the floor during the actual NBA Summer League games in Vegas, Bhullar must have impressed during the practice sessions that were being supervised by the clubs front office because the team has now officially signed him to his first NBA contract. First to announce the signing of the contract was Bhullar himself via his twitter handle @SimBhullar2 . Details of the contract have not yet been released but knowing that an official contract has been signed, expect Bhullar to be present, in a Kings uniform, at least through training camp. Once training camp arrives, Bhullar should have a good chance of making an impact and potentially earning himself a spot in Coach Malone’s rotation. The only other true center listed on the Kings roster as of now is, franchise piece DeMarcus Cousins. Realistic expectations for Bhullar in year one should be that of competing night in and night out for the backup minutes behind Cousins after he averaged over 25 minutes per game last year for New Mexico State in his sophomore campaign. More information on the contract situation for Bhullar should be released within the next few weeks, but the minimum salary that can be offered to an NBA rookie is $507,366 for this season. Another quick note on Bhullar is that he is going to be the first ever NBA player of Indian-descent and accordingly so, expect his jersey sales to consistently be near the top of the NBA as India’s population will be rooting for him. Congrats to Mr. Bhullar on the contract signing and good luck in September at the Kings training camp!