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Several sources are reporting the Montreal, QC’s Chris Boucher is done for the season with a torn ACL.

Oregon ran a tight 8 man rotation right and Boucher was a big part of it regardless of him primarily coming off the bench this season. Oregon is traditionally a pretty small team and even more so now with Boucher out.

As for Chris himself, not sure how this affects his draft stock even though he was removed from the Draft Express mock draft Sunday evening. Boucher was already a mid-second rounder and teams are going to be wary of taking him on now that his knee is in question.  It’s hard to know how an ACL injury will affect his mobility, and if he’ll be able to come back at 100%.

Many Canadians were excited to see him, Dillon Brooks, Dylan Ennis and Oregon make a push in the tourney. As an ACL tear surgery takes 6-9 months to recover from, it is tough to imagine a team taking him at the upcoming draft on June 22. He’ll only be 3 months post surgery and wouldn’t be able to take part in any workouts.

Hope still remains a NBA club drafts him and wants to hold his rights.