Recent sound bites coming from 2016 Jamal Murray’s camp are indicating he is now determined to be a point guard in college.

The Kitchener, Ontario native Murray who is unselfish and standing close to 6’5″ has great size at the point guard spot. For his high school team Athlete Institute (Orangeville, ON) it wasn’t always the case,

“Early in the year we had him off the ball and he was really scoring at the clip you got a chance to see on Friday night” Athlete Institute Head Coach Larry Blunt said. “We moved him back to the point guard which is his natural position and the position he would be.”

Some argue Murray at the one is not what grew his legacy. Murray made a name for himself for his flat out scoring mentality. Instead of becoming one dimensional, Murray feels he has the intangibles and poise to play point guard.

“From his perspective, he really wants to get his teammates involved and do what it takes to win. I think he’s continuing to grow and develop as a point guard and as he gets more comfortable I think you can see when he turns it on he’s special.” Coach Blunt told Scouts.com

Regardless where Murray is slotted in any line up, college coaches are beginning to line up for his post secondary services. He has allready attended a Syracuse game and others according to his high school coach.

“We may go back to Syracuse, the problem is right now for us in our first season we’ve traveled a ton. We’ve been to Georgetown, we’ve been down to NC State to see a game while we were on the road.”
Blunt concluded.

Colleges are already taking notice of the qualities Jamal Murray possesses, regularly hearing from Syracuse, Kansas State, Illinois, N.C. State, and Michigan, among others. His sweepstakes continues…

Jamal Murray Sweepstakes 1.0

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