Forget stints in Phoenix, AZ or domestically with the Eastern Commerce Saints. The high school career of JUCO bound Gavin Pearce should be forever remembered for his instrumental role in Bill Crothers 2013-14 success. The Colts travelled both sides of the border and accumulated a 36-6 record.

Gavin is a hustle player you find ALWAYS working hard on the boards, an exceptional rebounder and an incredible athlete with great body control. Also an acrobatic finisher at the rim, as evident by his dunk versus Findlay Prep on the Air Canada Center floor. Pearce straight obliterated the rim at the ACC.

Hoops Hype Canada caught up with the recent JUCO commit that will take his talents to the Northwest Tech Mavericks this September.

HHC: At Bill Crothers in 2013-14 your Colts have emerged as the undisputed top high school team in the nation! Was that something you visioned at the start of the season? and what in your opinion separates Bill Crothers from other programs in Canada?

GP: I was confident that it was going to happen with a great coach and a lot of underrated talent I knew we could shock the basketball world. What separates us from other programs is our preparation. We work hard day in and day out and battle in practice which has translated to our success last season.

HHC: Congratulations on your recent commit. In September 2014 you will take your talents to Goodland, Kansas to join forces with the Northwest Tech Mavericks in the NJCAA. For Canadians coast to coast what can you tell us about Jase Herl’s program and what were some x-factors in your decision?

GP: North West Tech is a school on the rise they made some history this year going to the region semi’s and should continue to improve. I just wanted to be apart of helping them make more history, help them get a title. Also one of my closest teammates James Sylvester goes there and I saw success he and them had so I just wanted to add to it.

HHC: Back to Bill Crothers Colts, unfortanetly in Canada nobody thinks your great untill America does. When you guys nearly stunned Findlay Prep March 2nd it opened up a lot of eyes. Your overall thoughts on that game?

GP: Honestly thought we should have won that game. We work so hard, so in our eyes we think we can beat anyone we go up against. I think America is realizing there’s nothing different here only thing separating us is the border.

HHC: In that game you were banging down low with top-100 senior recruits like Kelly Oubre, Craig Victor etc. At the end of the day you looked like a men among boys including that nasty offensive rebound followed by an emphatic dunk. Your known for being a power player & threat in transition. Anything else about your game you feel gets overlooked?

GP: I can really pass and create for my teammates and can score the ball too.
I think people will really see my whole arsenal during my college career.

HHC: Bill Crothers have some 2014 underrated unsigned talent. Any teammates of yours Canadian hoop heads should look out for or college programs shouldn’t sleep on?

GP: Dandre Benard a very athletic wing will be dangerous. Also Otheni Spence a quick athletic point guard. Elijah Green, super skilled two guard can really shoot it we have a couple more. Were all on the rise.